Writing on design

I write books, magazine articles, and research papers on design for digital experiences that support wellbeing and learning.

Interface Design for Learning

Design Strategies for learning experiences

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Positive Computing

Technology for Wellbeing and Human Potential

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Below are some of my professional and academic publications.

UX Magazine

Learning from each other: Designing for social interaction | Say hello to learning interface design

Interactions Magazine (ACM)

Compassion versus empathy: Designing for resilience (forthcoming) | Positive Computing

UX Matters

UX for learning: Design guidelines for the learner experience | Interface design for learning: How we learn

HCI and Academic Publications

Autonomy in Technology Design for CHI 2014 | View all on Mendeley.

The Elearning Guild

ThoughtLeaders Webinar | ebook on graphic design, UI/UX design and visualization for elearning (contributor) | Making learning memorable with graphics and visual Design (forthcoming)

IEEE Transactions on Technology & Society

Promoting psychological wellbeing: Loftier goals for technology

A List Apart

The web runs on electricity and we're running out

Desktop Magazine

50 Ways to View the Web - Designing for All Possibilities. (Print)