Writing: articles and information on design for learning
I write articles, books and research papers on how to design for digital experience that supports wellbeing and learning. Check out some of my writing below.
Interface Design for Learning
Positive Computing
Designer Elearning


First hub for tips & news on the design of learning interfaces. Est. 2005

Positive Computing

Blog on the research and design of tehnology to foster welbeing.

CHI 2014 Workshop on Autonomy

Workshop on Design for Human Autonomy
At CHI 2014.

PDF of Promoting Psychological Wellbeing: Loftier Goals for Technology

Promoting Psychological Wellbeing: Loftier Goals for Technology[PDF]
in IEEE Technology & Society.

E-learning Guild

Tips in ELearning Guild eBook on Graphic and UX Design for learning Download free.

A List Apart

"The Web Runs on Electricity and We're Running Out"" in A List Apart.

UX Matters

"UX for Learning: Design guidelines for the learner experience" in UX Matters

ACM Interactions Magazine

"Positive Computing: Technology for a wiser world" in Interactions Magazine (ACM)

UX Magazine

"Say Hello to Learning Interface Design" in UX Magazine

desktop Magazine

"50 Ways to View the Web - Designing for All Possibilities" in Desktop Magazine.

Research Papers

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